Bubur Ikan

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Cook leftover rice with a little more water, which crushed lemongrass and ginger are crushed. Add salt, pepper and bouillon powder to taste (after almost a porridge tasted first, if less delicious taste can be added to the broth powder and pepper).

Mix the fish fillets (can of tuna or salmon) cut in the box (2x2 cm) with a little salt, fish sauce and pepper, then steamed briefly until white. Mixed into the porridge and stir briefly, add sliced celery.
The pulp can be eaten with a sauce or soup cakue pieces.

Kuah Soto:
Stir-fry ground ingredients (onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric and pecan are boiled briefly), add lemon grass, laos and salam leaf. Then enter into the chicken broth. Add salt, pepper, sugar, bouillon powder, soy sauce and soy sauce.

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